My favourite snacks

Good evening,

i couldn’t believe having no snacks during my meals and i think it’s important to get someGood evening,

i couldn’t believe having no snacks during my meals and i think it’s important to get some energy during the day. But i often get mails where girls are telling me they don’t know what to snack, so i thought about sharing my favourite snacks! 

Morning snack:

-pretzels + a banana (any fruit you like) 

– rye/ww sandwich with reet beet spread, cress and Veggies

– fruit & nut bar / Rawbite etc. + a scliced apple etc.


It totally depens on where I am, sometimes i’m not at home and just hungry so i often eat corncakes & fruits. But when i’m having things like: 

– Corncakes/Ricecakes, banana, peanutbutter

– Natural yogurt, apple sauce , fruits 

– fruit salad + some chocolate

– Pancaketower made out of corncakes


I eat a lot for nightsnack, but i can’t remember when i haven’t done this. It’s always the time where I can relax most. 

– Questbars

– (Full fat) Curd/quark mixed with a tiny bit of milk & a (frozen) – Any other bars like Lära Bars, Fruit & nut bars, clif bars, nakd bars, Trek Bars…

– Sclice of bread with nut butter

– Toast with ripe fruits

– flavoured rusks

– Chocolate (Lindt , CoCoa or Lovechock)


Spelt toast with a ripe Khaki & gingerbread flavoured rusks.


Pancake Tower layered with greek Yogurt, Banana & reeses ! 🙂


Fruit & nut bar 🙂




My beloved mixed curd with Banana!


one of the best chocolates…


selfmade persimmon-oat Cookies


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