Organic Foodhaul

Good morning sweeties,

may you already know that i’m always in the city on Friday so i can go foodshopping (& all kind of shopping). I don’t know whether this is good or not because i spent way too much money. On Friday there were sale in my fav shop „Brandy Melville“ … but i also went to some organic foodstores, like Denn’s or a new small store at the train station. 🙂

I got lots of new things,because they don’t last that long. 😉


I have never seen this ChocQBar and it was 50% so i had to buy it. It’s vegan, sweetened with agave and contains pure cacao beans, cacao powder, cacao butter , almond butter, dates, coffe & vanillapowder. It’s rich in everything you learned in chemistry.


This is my favourite flavour from all the flavours they sell. Lovechock is a brand for raw chocolate, sadly sooo expensive, but unbelieveable good. For me, it’s better than normal milkchocolate. This one was on sale for i think 2,49€. (


My true love aka corn cakes. May sounds silly but i’m eating a whole packet nearly every day. They are yummy without anything, with bananas + yogurt/curd/ pb , with jam , withhhhh everything you can imagine! ☺️


i love them so much! Vegetarian filled pasta squares (also vegan, i think ). I’m not eating them in soup but as a kind of side dish.


organic bavarian fruit muesli, never tried it so i’m excited how it tastes. 🙂


the best chocolate on earth!!! Açai-cherry raw Chocolate from CoCoa. I’ve found this one some weeks ago and felt in love! By far the best!!


a small pot of 50 g organic fruity oatmeal from a grocery store wasn’t that cheap but better than MyMuesli which is way more expensive. It’s with dates & dried fruits.. perfect for a snack or part of breakfast!


I haven’t bought them, but wanted to show you these „Chia Shots“, they are 3g each and i think they are perfect because i hate my package because i opened them false and now they are falling out everytime i want to eat them and i have no scale so these would be perfect!!


my first ever roobar, they are so tiny and so expensive so i’ve never bought it. But the colour was nice and baobab ginger sounds great.. so why not?


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