Food in Amsterdam {3}

If you’re also craving something sweet after a meal it’s totally okay to have something special in Amsterdam. 😊

You don’t eat it everyday so it won’t affect your body!

• Frozz: I love frozen yogurt and Frozz is a lot better than the frozen yogurt shop i know in Munich. You could choose different sizes and they were way bigger than here in Munich. I loved the toppings such as brownie bites or a really good granola.

• Yogurt Barn: I haven’t been there as it was too crowed but there you can mix your own yogurt parfait and 

choose between many toppings.

• Nutella ice bakery : I think there are no words needed – nutella ice , nutella waffles, nutella crepes, nutella cappuchino, nutella hot chocolate… 


not my picture (IG)


not my picture (IG)


not my picture (IG)

• Waffles with toppings : There are a lot of stores which sell typical waffles with toppings of choice such as nutella, whipped cream, cherries, strawberries, bananas, oreos,… Definetly a ‚must have‘ when you’re visiting Amsterdam

• Ben & Jerry’s shop: If you’re a ben&jerry’s fan this you cannot miss this shop. There you can order milkshakes or just icecream with so many flavours we don’t have in germany for example the frozen yogurt ones. I think they were around 20 different flavours. Sadly it was already closed when we came there. Most of the shops are open from 10/11 am until 6 pm.

• Magnum Amsterdam : The magnum store was closed because of a renovation but it’s ready soon and i’ve always wanted to go there.


Magnum Pleasure Store / Dam 1


not my picture

There are so many more stores,cafés where you can get good food in Amsterdam but these are my favourites and i hope i could help if you’re off to Amsterdam soon!😊👍 And if you already been to Amsterdam, tell me your favourite café!


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