Amsterdam’s healthy cafés {1}

Amsterdam has so many cute cafés which offer healthy food and also many vegetarian/vegan and also glutenfree options. I’m in love with the interior of those cafés. You’ll recognize them by their shop-window and their awesome handwriting. I want to show you a few cafés. I haven’t visited all of them but a few. 😊

Let’s start with my favourite one : Lavinia goodfood (Instagram :@laviniagoodfood). Lavinia is a healthy woman who serves homemade healthy breakfast/brunch and lunch dishes. Such as oatmeal , banana pancakes , breakfast pizzetta etc. Look at their menu here :

Another great café i had lunch was Sla: Here you can make your own salad bowls with hummus, beans, avocado and all those delicious stuff. But there are also prepared salads of the months, bread with hummus or soup. I had a super yummy salad with black beans, avocado, pumpkin, broccoli and a lot more. The choice/selection

is enourmous and for that it’s not that expensive.

Instagram : @ilovesla

We also had lunch in a super yummy café which only offered different soups with bread or salad. The bread was unbelieveable good and the soups as well. I ordered a spicy chickpea soup with fresh coriander but they had many more like sweet potato-kidney bean soup or also non-vegan/vegetarian. The café is called soup en zo and was near Lavinia goodfood in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54 but there is also another store. Look up the menu here :

One café i really wanted to visit was „Dark/Lite“ but it was already closed when I saw it. 

Raw, organic and super healthy at Lite / Dark. 

They offer shakes, quiches, icecream,raw chocolate, sandwhiches and a lot more. 

Have a look here:

Another vegan café is Vegabond which i missed. But many people said that the food there is amazing and it’s   near the Anne Frank House. Don’t miss the wrap with tofu, spinach & apple and the raw sugarfree brownie!!! 

Instagram: @vegabond_food


not my picture {IG: @whatscooking_}

There are also a few more which i haven’t been :

•Le Pain Quotidien


•Beter + Leuk

• Esprit Cafe


• Lef


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  1. Giulia sagt:

    Danke dir für diesen ausführlichen Bericht!! Bin durch deinen Adam-Komment bei Beauavana auf Dich gestossen, weil ich selbst bald nach Amsterdam reise:) Super Beitrag!

    Gefällt mir

    1. recoveringlara sagt:

      Freut mich, viel Spaß in Amsterdam 🙂

      Gefällt mir

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