Good morning sweeties,

i thought about writing a blogpost about my breakfast today as a few of you asked for the recipe. It’s so simple but here we go! 😉


• 1 cup (about 90-100g) oats soaked in milk overnight

You can use how much oats as you want of course.😊

• 1 teaspoon cacao (mine is from @creativenaturesuperfoods)

• 1 teaspoon carob powder (optional : 2 teaspoons cacao powder)

• 1 teaspoon coconut oil (not melted!!)

• berries/other toppings you prefer

Start by heating up your soaked oats in a pot or in the microwave, stir well and add in the carob/cacao powder. After a few minutes put in the coconut oil and stir until its melted. The thick coconut oil gives the oatmeal such a creamy consistence. Let it cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes. Afterwards you can top your oatmeal with whatever you want and it’s ready to be eaten!😋 Tag me & use the hashtag #recoveringlara if you tried it! Enjoy!❤️


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