Food in Amsterdam {2}

There are many more cafés/bistros where you can get your food in Amsterdam which i want to show you! :) 

Albert Heijn to go: 

I’m really disappointed that in Germany there are so less „To Go“ options because i loved Albert Heijn. It’s a supermarket with lots of to go products like wraps, sandwich, fruits, smoothies and so many bars or nut&fruit snacks. (-> My haul) 

I was in love with the tuna salad sandwich, i’ve never had such a good shopbought sandwich. And with a hummus & falafel wrap you’re never wrong. 😉

Burgerlijk & Burgermeester :

In Amsterdam you can get delicious burgers! I was told that Burgerlijk & Burgermeester sell the best burgers in Amsterdam. We only went to Burgerlijk but Burgermeester also sells vegan burgers and even a mini variations which are 3 mini burgers. The people from Burgerlijk were so kind and i got a big veggieburger with tomato chutney, fried mushrooms & a spicy BBQ Sauce. The patty on its own was 180 grams and it was freaking delicious! You definetly need to eat a burger when you’re visiting Amsterdam. 

Maoz Falafel:

You may already know that i’m in love with falafels so Maoz is MY LIFE! I think i’ve already been there when i was in New york but in Amsterdam you are able to refill your pita. 

You can order a white or a wholewheat falafel pita with (optional) more toppings like hummus,avocado, feta,.. and top your pita on your own with salads, couscous, a few sauces like tahini, yogurt sauce, etc. You may also order fries on top. My dad did it and they were good but i’ve only had a few as the pita with the big falafel balls are filling on its own. 😊


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