Full Day of Eating {lazy sunday}

Hello sweeties,

before i start i just wanted to say that those pictures aren’t the best, it was hard enough to remember taking a picture of every meal.

• I don’t count calories

• I don’t have a kitchen scale

• I eat 5 meals on schoolfree days / 6 meals during school

• I eat my Mum’s food except for meals she isn’t at home

• I haven’t been outside today, so it was a really lazy sunday


Breakfast (~ 9:45 am) : Coconut-Strawberry Oatmeal

🔸1 cup oats soaked in milk overnight 🔸/1 tsp coconut oil/🔸 about 7 strawberries / 🔸splash of milk (sauce)

Lunch (1:20 pm) : Couscous with a cream sauce, spinach, corn & zucchini. We also shared a salad with cherry tomatoes, corn & chickpeas. ☺️

Afternoonsnack or let’s call it studysnack (3:50 pm) : Granny Smith apple🍏, a small pear🍐, 2 small chocolate ( choco-crispies and my favourite crispy biscuit🍪)


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