Full Day of Eating {part 2}

Dinner (6:45pm) :For dinner i had 3 packages of wholewheat-rye bread (6 small slices) topped with 3 different spreads and lots of veggies ( 1 carrot, 1 pepper & a bit of cucumber) which are unpictured.

For every package (50g) I use about 1 heaped teaspoon but i prefer using a knife. But my mum always spreads her spreads (what a sentence😅) with a teaspoon so i’m sometimes using them as well. 🙂


Tomato Cheese spread / veggie spread / tofu-kidneybean spread

Nightsnack (9:30pm) : OMG! You have to try the avocado chocolate pudding! Probably the best thing i’ve ever eaten. I’ve had a big, fluffy serving with lots of strawberries for nightsnack. All a long with a smores questbar and a whole pack corncakes.

Good night sweeties!😴


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