Creamy Oatmeal recipe (english)

How to: Creamy oatmeal recipe


I get asked every day about how I’m making my all-time favourite breakfast. 😋 The truth is I don’t really have a special recipe.
When I have time I prepare my oatmeal on the stove (and not in the microwave!!) We don’t have a microwave so I really don’t know If the texture would be better with using a microwave.
My tips for a creamy texture:
*when you have time soak your oats in milk overnight – it is even better for your digestion
* add a bit of coconut oil
* let it rest for a while
So, how do I make my basic oatmeal?
1. I soak my oats overnight (but to be honest I forget it way too often)
2. add water/ more „milk“ ( I only use plantbased milk: my favourites are alpro coconut milk, alpro almond milk vanilla, oatly oatmilk chocolate, berief ricedrink, berief ricedrink vanilla)
3. let it cook for a while and stir well.
4. after about 10 minutes it should be ready to serve 🙂

Ingredients for a simple oatmeal:

  • about 9-10 tbsp Oats (i use the brand „Kölln“)
  • (plantbased) milk/water
  • flavours (mashed banana,vanilla,flav drops,cinnamon)
  • toppings such as fruits,nutbutter,dried fruits,etc.



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